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Your inner dwellings lay just beyond the mouth of the cave. Leave the light behind, and read on. There's enough Tumblr brains to go around my fellow creatures. Do the moans of the undead bother you? Don't be scared, their bite is much worse than their bark.
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    there’s a rumor going around my school that a girl in choir got suspended for fingering herself in class uh


    ur school wins

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    when your bae cancels plans you were looking forward to


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    did you hear about the italian chef who died?

    he pasta way

    he just ran out of thyme

    here today, gone tomato

    his wife is still upset, cheese still not over it

    we never sausage a tragedy coming

    ashes to ashes, crust to crust

    there’s just not mushroom for italian chefs in today’s world

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    when the store clerk think you walking in to steal


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  • "and I know I speak like my heart was broken last night
    even though it happened last January,
    when I thought I was numb from the cold
    but I was numb from you
    and sometimes everything you left behind cuts into
    my tongue and I find myself choking up your name
    even though it’s been 3 months since you’ve called
    and I’m not sure how your voice still plays in my head
    when I can’t even remember how it sounds
    and there are scars and bruises all over me that I
    could’ve sworn had faded but everyone looks at me
    like I’m about to collapse
    and sometimes I kiss boys who grab me like they
    want to break me and I let them because there’s
    nothing left to break
    and sometimes they taste like you
    and I used to smile like I wasn’t empty
    but you’re stuck in my head
    and in my heart
    and underneath my fingernails
    and I’m so sorry but you can’t stay here"
    I’m a collection of unsaid goodbyes and thrown up 3 AM “I miss you’s” (via extrasad)

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    Watch the story behind the legend, James Brown. #GetOnUp comes to theaters August 1. Get tickets now!

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  • "I was sixteen, laying on my bedroom floor, choking on your goodbye and cigarette smoke with the 98 degree weather burning tears into my cheeks, screaming for my mother because I figured this was it, I was going to die without you because if I couldn’t wake up and see you sleepily mumbling my name into my hair I didn’t want to wake up at all.
    I was seventeen, shaky breath, shaky knees, tired lungs and wet hair but I wasn’t drowning like last summer"
    I thought I couldn’t live without you but you were nothing more than a good morning text and someone to pass out next to  (via extrasad)

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    Kidz Bop Beyoncé lyrics: I sneezed on the beat and got a God blessing / Yoncé on his mouth like ranch dressing

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    sex is a lot like a hot bath

    once you get your balls in the worst part’s over and you can get your torso and arms and stuff in

    i’ve never had sex

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    be there or 


    That square is 5 bees by 6 bees I’ll have you know that is a bee rectangle you have failed

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    do not flirt with women when they are at work

    do not take advantage of women who are in situations where they cannot say no or be blunt

    #im a barista not your goddamn girlfriend take your coffee and leave

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